Top Ten Best Basketball Leagues outside the NBA (part 2)

Lega Basket Serie

Founded in 1920 in Italy, Lega Basket Serie is considered to be the oldest basketball league. There is an interesting fact that every team includes 5 players selected from Italy and 5 players chosen from outside Europe. Currently, there are 16 teams participating in the league, and the defending champion is Olympia Milano.


Established in 1921, LNB Pro is the top basketball authority in France with most of the basketball championships in the country won by this league. It is owned by Tony Parker and San Antonio Spurs. The league’s regular-season timing is in September with 18 teams currently participating in.

Greek A1 League

Based in Athens, Greek A1 League is one of the most talked about basketball leagues in the world. Its regular season is from October to April with 14 teams currently enrolled.

Basketball Bundesliga

Basketball Bundesliga is considered a middle-level league with good marketing strategies ensuring well-attended cricket events. Its regular-season timing is from September to May with around 18 teams taking part in. The last defending champion is Brose Bamberg.

Adriatic League

Adriatic League is a regional basketball federation with the countries Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina included in. Its sports events are commonly scheduled from September to March with 14 teams participating in.

National Basketball League of Australia

This league was founded in 1979. The regular seasons are arranged in October with 8 teams currently enrolled in.


Based in Lithuania, LKL is considered to be the second religion of Lithuania. There are 10 teams currently enrolled in this league with the defending champion Zalgiris.

Chinese Basketball Association

Established in 1995,Chinese Basketball Associationis the most eminent basketball leagues in Asia. The output of this league is so far middle level so only Chinese players play in this league.

There are 20 teams currently involved in this league. Its regular events are scheduled from October to February.