Top Ten Best Basketball Apps in 2020 (part 1)

Thanks to the development of smartphones, apps have become an important part of life. With more than 2 million apps in the Apple app store and more being added day by day, we have compiled this list of ten best basketball apps that can help you to develop your skills as a coach, referee, or player. Let’s have a look at them.

1. BQ Coaching (Coaching app)

The BQ Coaching app is a helpful portal for all coaches with a wide range of features, including: Training Drills, Current Coaching Jobs, Upcoming Coaching Events, and so many more.

2. FastDraw Basketball (Coaching app)

Using FastDraw Basketball, coaches can easily draw, organize, save, and share basketball plays. You can build your playbook with exclusive access to more than 4,000 plays and drills from other amateur and professional FastDraw coaches.

There are thousands of basketball plays that you can have the access through FastDraw and there is also a Mac or PC compatible desktop software available.

3. HomeCourt (Coaching app)

It is a sorry for Android users that HomeCourt is currently available only on iOS. This app is a revolutionary basketball training companion. It uses your iPhone camera to count and track basketball shots as well as provide instant video review along with deep statistical analysis of all the team’s workouts and shows.

4. FIBA iRef PGC (Referee app)

FIBA iRef PGC is particularly designed to assist with pre-game preparation. The app features basketball officiating glossary, videos, a checklist with the groups for technical manuals, FIBA basketball rules, and official interpretation, full and half court with referees, players, drawing tool, and coverage area symbols. It also can save your own play-situations. It offers everything that a referee needs for pre-game preparation.

5. ClipIt (Referee app)

ClipIt is created by a Queensland Referee. It allows referees to take clippings of referee calls, constantly records in the background and saves your selected time to the gallery if you press the button. This app allows you to take 3,5 and 10second clips while recording the game.